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– Gael Turnbull*

I remember once

in a far off country

it doesn’t matter where

or even when

it had been a hot day

and a lot of work to be done

and I was tired

I stopped by the road

and walked across a field

and came to the shores of a lake

the sun was bright on the water

and I swam out from the shore

into the deep cold water

far out of my depth

and forgot

for a moment

I forgot

where I had come from

where I was going

what I had done yesterday

what I had to do tomorrow

even my work

my home

my friends

even my name

even my name

alone in the deep water

with the sky above

and whether that lake was a lake

of the shore of some great sea

or some lost tributary of time itself

for a moment

I looked through

I passed through

I had one glimpse

as it happened

one day in that far off country

for a moment

it was so

* Gael Turnbull, There are Words: Collected Poems (Exeter:Shearsman Books, 2006), 211-212.