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Table of Contents

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*Presence (2023)

*Introduction: Emerging Clear Awareness

*Roots of Consciousness: Primordial Affective Emotions

*Relax and Expand: Spaciousness and Negativity Bias

*AwarenessIsMagic: Enlightened Futility

*Summary: Emerging Consciousness and Twilight Awareness

Resting in the Waves (2020)

Introduction: Welcoming Fluidity

Fluidity of Awareness (Chap 4)

Befriending the Mind (2019)

Introduction - Don't Stand In a Hammock


Kindness and a Patience Heart

Nondual Experience

Meditator's Field Guide (2017)

Field Guide Description and TOC

How to Use This Field Guide

Slippery Fish

Three Essential Practices

A Vote for Kindness: No Unchanging Self

Selflessness Grows Out of Self Care

Awareness Meters

The Trap of Getting Free

Hindrances Like the Back Door

Recognizing 2 Species of Intentions

Hindrances Want to Retire

Gifts and Vulnerabilities: Angulimala

Attunement not Attainment

Engaging Precepts Mindfully

The Evolving Self

6 Rs and 5 Ss

Kindness and Wisdom Practice (2015)

Beginning the Journey (2014)

Buddha's Map (2013)

Buddha's Map Description

Annotated Table of Contents

A Sweet, Kind Aliveness (Intro)

From Stubbornness to Ease (Chap 1)

Beginnings (Chp 2)

Thriving in Difficult Times (Chp 5)

Joy: The First Jhana (Chp 10)

God(s) and Consciousness (2011)

Circling Home (2010)


Talks and Articles

Little Mind, Big Mind

Befriending the Mind-Heart

172 Cognitive Biases

Cultivating Grace collection:



Confession and Forgiveness

Ease and Irrational Joy

The Demon's Blessing series:

1. Hindrances Overview

2. Specific Hindrances

Forgiveness collection:

Forgiving Ourselves

Forgiving Others

Forgiving Is Possible

Forgiving and Reconciliation

Forgiving, Patience and Confession

Forgiveness and Luminosity

God(s) and Consciousness series:


The Widening Circle

Spiritual Literacy

Stages of Consciousness

Is God Real?

Summary table, diagram, and reflective questions

Inner Landscape series:


Vedana Meter

Dissolving Suffering


Dependent Origination

Karma, Guilt, and Freedom



Selflessness series:

Shadows in the Mirror




Beyond Reason

Taking Refuge

Turning Toward: Four Ennobling Truths

What is Meditation series:


Inner Glow

The Mind Needs a Job

Beginning the Journey

Wise Acceptance and the 7 Rs


Essays and Q and A

Consciousness: What is It Anyway?

Fuzzy-Don't-Know Mind

Individual and Universal Metta

Meaning of Life

Is Mett Less Peaceful

Naturally Deluded

Nested Dolls and Depth Meditation

Object of Meditation


Three Refuges


Stories and Vignettes

Befriending the Demon


The Guest House

Jackie's Way-Cool Glasses

Josie and the Turkey


Recipe for a Human

Three Winged Bird

Two Snakes and a Butterfly



Awareness Jhanas (11/4/2014)

Confession and Forgiveness (11/7/2014)

Dependent Origination (11/5/2014)

Hindrances (11/2/2014)

It Ain't Personal (11/6/2014)

Meditation Instructions (11/1/2014)

Precepts and the 7 Rs (11/8/2014)

Questions and Answers (11/1/2014)

Turning Toward (11/3/2014)



Agenda-less Awareness (5/18/18)

* Anger, Meditation and the Six Rs (1/23/21)

The Case for Equanimity (6/23/17)

Crunchy Knees and Mindfulness (12/9/13)

* Do We Have a Mind? (4/17/21)

A Duck, Equanimity, and Disinterest (10/09/13)

Easing Awake (3/4/15)

Hindrance Attacks (10/5/13)

Holding Dear (1/11/18)

I Spam, Therefore I Am (11/19/13)

Ill Will and Kindness (3/26/15)

Interspe2013cies Friends (12/30/13)

A Lively Talk with Trees (11/6/13)

Meditation Without Support (6/21/18)

Moral Compass / Ethical GPS (9/1/13)

Navigator (12/6/17)

Poke Him in the Eye (5/12/14)

Presence Isn't Freedom (8/7/17)

Relaxing Into (3/2/14)

Second-Hand Wisdom (4/18/15)

Stickiness (10/22/17)

Stones and Hindrances (9/1/15)

Talking GPS, Implants, and Consciousness (9/2/13)

Transient Global Amnesia (7/6/18)

Trusting the Mind (8/14/15)

Turning Toward (10/17/13)

Unconscious Happiness (8/4/13)

When Desire Fades (8/12/13)

When Reactivity Trumps Wisdom (2/6/17)

Who or What is Aware? (3/18/18)

Whose Running the Show (7/7/13)