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Online Solo Retreat

During this time of social distancing, this online retreat format offers a way to meditate in your own physical space while meeting daily with a meditation teacher via video technology .


Led by

Doug Kraft


When and Where

A solo retreat can be arranged for any mutually convenient time. The length of the retreat can vary depending on your needs.



You’ll meditate at home or some other site of your choosing. Each day you and I will have a virtual meeting (on Zoom, phone, or other technology) to explore your unfolding practice. I’ll offer specific guidance based on your emerging experience.

In addition, if you’d like the equivalent of a dhamma talk, there are lots of printed and online resources. I will help you find material relevant to your practice.

The solo format offers flexibility as to the length and calendaring of the retreat, more one-on-one time with me, and greater ease in exploring topics relative to your unfolding.



The daily interviews and on-going instructions are offered freely. Donations (dana) may be given to further my teaching and are gratefully accepted. They help me make ends meet.


Information and Sign Up

For more information and sign up, send me a note: