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Click on Books Notes to get a broad overview of each of my books. To get more details as well as links to sample chapters, click on the following:

Deepening: Opening Awareness and Surrendering Into Joy (2024)

Presence: Quiet Awareness and How it Emerges in Meditation and the Brain (2023)

Resting in the Waves: Welcoming the Mind's Fluidity (2020)

Befriending the Mind: Easing Into the Heart of Awakening (2019)

Meditator's Field Guide: Reflections on 57 Insights that Slip Away (2017)

Kindness & Wisdom Practice: A Quick Guide to Metta-Panna Meditation (2015)

God(s) and Consciousness: Mapping the Development of Consciousness through Views of Ultimacy (2015)

Beginning the Journey: Initial Meditation Instructions Using the Buddha’s Map (2014)

Buddha’s Map: His Original Teachings on Awakening, Ease, and Insight in the Heart of Meditation (2013)

Circling Home: Exploring Spirituality Through a Unitarian Universalist Lens (2010)



Easing Awake Sangha is a non-profit, 501(c)3, religion organization set up by me and my students "to deepen kindness and wisdom through cultivating and practicing the Buddha’s teachings on meditation, compassionate service, and increasing well-being." We offer classes, retreats, mentoring, and other opportunities for learning and practicing. We can also accept tax-exempt donations.

Mountain Stream is the home of John Travis, one of my long time teachers.

Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center is the home of Bhante Vimalaramsi who taught me how to work with the jhanas. This practice is described in Buddha’s Map: Awakening Serenity and Insight in the Heart of Meditation .

Sacramento Insight Meditation.

Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group.

Sacramento Dharma Center.



Glossary of Pali (the language of the Buddhist Sutta) and English translations of Pali words that may be confusing.


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