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This site is dedicated to the art of meditation. I’m a writer and Buddhist meditation teacher as well as a minister and psychotherapist.

On this site you’ll find my general understanding of the Buddha’s approach to life and spiritual practice and where the phrase “easing awake” comes from.

You’ll also find a wide variety of resources on Buddhism and meditation.

I hope you find the site helpful as well as entertaining.

Take care,


Easing Awake

Sifting through the earliest records of the Buddha's talks (as compared to later commentators), we find a simple, elegant, and powerful practice. When he died, his teaching became an “ism”, Buddhism. As it spread into other countries, cultures, and eras his teachings or “map” was copied and re-copied. Shortcuts, bypasses, scenic tours, and alternate destinations were added and deleted. Compared to the versions of his teachings most widely known, his original meditation emphasized:

This website is dedicated to this approach to meditation and daily living. I call it “easing awake.”



I’ve written about this practice in various ways.

Other writings augment and expand these books. They include:

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About Doug Kraft

A short bio about me (Doug Kraft).

A few hints as to how to (deepen) meditation and how this website might help you at various stages of practice.